Why Are People Scared to Go Against the Narrative?

A reader writes:

I have previously posted regarding difficulties obtaining a covid exemption pass, eventually I got one from my doctors due to extreme distress and anxiety surrounding any covid protocols. I have also previously posted regarding Apple and their illegal store mask policy. I am currently taking Apple to court under the Equalities Act 2010 disability limb for refusing to allow me access to their Birmingham store. This is due for trial in April 2023.

As part of my evidence gathering I asked the doctor who dealt with the covid exemption pass to provide me with a letter for the court confirming that I had been issued a covid exemption pass due to the extreme stress and anxiety the covid protocols cause me. I have been unable to have a jab, wear a mask etc. I have a phobia of all covid related protocols. I am not asking him to say anything that isn’t true or documented including my long-standing stress and anxiety issues.

This is where it takes a twist. The doctor concerned agreed to provide the letter but said as a senior partner he was busy and would delegate this. I found it strange as he had all of the prior information regarding the covid exemption that he personally issued.

I received a call from my doctor regarding the letter saying that he was happy to write the letter detailing my long-standing anxiety problems and medication etc, but he could not deal with the covid exemption issue as there was no trace of it on my medical records.

Has the original doctor just fobbed me off? Has he conveniently forgotten to update my Medical records? What is it with these people that they are so scared to go against the narrative? I am only asking for my doctor to confirm the truth in a letter.

I am now at a stage where he wished me well but said that they are unable to help further. I will not accept this and I will call him as a witness in the Apple matter. I would be grateful for any feedback/advice from fellow White Rosers. Do you think he even gave me the covid exemption pass or was just fobbing me off?

Thanks, IH

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