Why Did Churches Support Lockdown and Vaccination?

Many of us who fought on the side of truth and freedom were disappointed when churches shut their doors during lockdown and followed rules that went against reason and faith, including mask wearing and ‘social distancing’. We shook our heads in disbelief as church officials recommended or even pressured the faithful to take an experimental and dangerous so-called vaccine.

Within the Catholic Church, apart from rare exceptions, such as Archbishop Viganò, Bishop Schneider or single courageous priests, there was little to no opposition from the clergy. Reportedly, this was also true of the Church of England and other denominations. Sadly, it seemed, the majority of the clergy and the faithful caved into the fear propaganda and lies, whilst forgetting the essence of the Gospel which places truth, faith, trust, and God’s authority above other things.

Rob Slane, author of The BlogMire, writes about how he experienced the churches’ responses to the lockdowns ordered by the state, and he also introduces the Frankfurt Declaration of Christian and Civil Liberties.

I confess to still being somewhat stunned by the reaction of much of the Church to the unhinged, authoritarian response of governments around the world to Covid-19 and the subsequent global medical experiment performed on millions of people. Whilst churches were forced to shut for the longest period in history, businesses were made to close for no good reason, and people were mandated to cover the most visible expression of the Image of God — their faces — with useless, dehumanising bits of cloth, most of the Church was at best silent. When an experimental gene therapy product which will never complete its clinical trials was mandated at the cost of people’s jobs, reputations and livelihoods, most of the Church was at best silent. When that medical experiment was demonstrably seen to be injuring or killing huge numbers of people across the globe, most of the Church was at best silent.

As far as I can tell, too many Christians simply assumed that the state had both a medical need and a moral right to act as it did. On the first point, it was clear from the outset that those measures and restrictions were both unscientific and unnecessary, yet few in the church were willing to ask the questions that should have been asked. On the second point, the result was that the state assumed an authority that it simply does not possess to regulate what can and can’t be done in worship, with much of the church apparently happy to go along with this.

That the church responded in this way is troubling enough; that there seems to have been few lessons learned — much less repentance — is even more concerning. However, wherever there is mass conformity to totalitarianism, there will always be some who emerge to challenge it, rebuke it, and shine a light in the darkness. It thrills me to report that such a statement has now emerged which does just this.

Read the full article here: https://www.conservativewoman.co.uk/a-challenge-to-the-craven-church-that-accepted-lockdown-and-vaccination/

You can view the Frankfurt Declaration here: https://frankfurtdeclaration.com/

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