Why Did So Many Supposedly Intelligent People Fall for the Nonsense?

Former teacher Nigel Watson: “Schools don’t teach intelligence, schools teach children how to be obedient rule followers…”

“Intelligent people are capable of independent critical thought.”

“A lot of people who have got a good qualification, who self-identify as intelligent, aren’t intelligent because they are unable to think for themselves. All they do is make appeals to authority and regurgitate whatever those authorities happen to say…”

“A truly intelligent person recognizes patterns in behaviour and understands what those patterns might signify…”

“Maybe just a desire to do a little bit more research into that person what they’re up to and what their objections might be…”

“A third quality of a truly intelligent person is originality: Having your own thoughts rather than being a loyal, speedy and accurate repeater of the establishment’s narrative.”

(Nigel Watson/YT)

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