Why Do They Want to Inject Five-Year-Olds With a Dangerous ‘Vaccine’?

You can tell the state of a country by the way it treats its children.

What if a country strives to inject something into children’s bodies without knowing it’s safe?

What if that injection is proven to cause adverse reactions, many of them severe, and people die from it?

What if those administering the injections refuse to investigate and publish these adverse reactions?

What if they also refuse to take responsibility for the adverse reactions and are immune to liability?

What if the adverse reactions and deaths from the covid jab exceed all other vaccinations combined?

First they said just the elderly and the vulnerable will receive this injection (this was suspicious enough, because why would you inject something experimental into the weakest of society)? Then they said the fifty-year-olds. Let them get the jab too! Then they went a step further: the forty-year-olds, the thirty-year-olds… then they came for the young, the eighteen-year-olds. But they didn’t stop there. Soon it was the sixteen-year-olds, then the twelve-year-olds, and now they’re after the five-year-olds.

Children are not affected by covid, so why do you think they want to give it to the children?
If you knew that the injection is causing severe adverse reactions, would you give it to your child?
Scientists have discovered that the injection comes with a spike protein which damages body cells, as well as other toxic contents and nanotech particles… would you inject that into a child’s body?
There are also reports confirming that the vaccinated are developing AIDS…

The NHS has sent out letters to families with young children, encouraging parents to give their child a poisonous injection that could harm them and cause infertility. Even if not in the short term, then in the long term.

The only answer to these questions is that this is all deliberate. Those who are pushing for the jab, do so with a purpose. They know that the vax causes adverse reactions, yet they aren’t halting the vaccination programs. They aren’t publishing the adverse reactions because they intend to hurt and kill as many people as possible. They believe they have the right to depopulate the world. They are the ones who have spread the myth about overpopulation, whilst cramming more people into crowded cities, where one might get the impression that the myth is true. It’s not only a false theory, it is satanic. Nobody wants to damage, hurt and kill humans more than Satan.

So, if you’re a parent, don’t be indifferent to what is being injected into your child. You won’t regret not vaccinating your child, but it’s almost certain that you may regret having your child injected with the mRNA covid vaccine.

A society that harms and kills its own children will quickly deteriorate and fall apart, and nobody who’s guilty will get away unpunished.

Fight for your child

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