Why Is Hospital Daily Occupancy So High?

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with Wednesday’s news update from the UK Column.

Subjects in this video:

  • The Global Vaccine Confidence Summit
  • The Vaccine Safety Maze
  • Ch4 Exposes Anti-Vaxxers And Falls Flat On His Face
  • The Reality of Covid Lockdowns In India
  • Mainstream Journalism Attacks Its Own If They Don’t Agree With Vaccine Policy
  • Why Is Hospital Daily Occupancy So High?
  • UKC Viewer Emails Reveals the Impact Of Applied Psychology
  • UKC Viewer Highlights Apparent Expectation Of Hospital Overload, Vaccination Bullying
  • The Legislative Attack On Lawful Protest
  • Global Tax Regime
  • Natural England Downgrades The Somerset Levels To Stop Farmers Farming In Green New Deal