Will We Lose Both the Monarchy and the Union Under Charles III?

Mike Robinson, Patrick Henningsen, Alex Thomson and Vanessa Beeley with Friday’s UK Column News.

Topics in this video:

00:29 – The Death of Queen Elizabeth II

06:51 – The Activist King

12:49 – The Energy Crisis Prompts Return of the Fracking Nightmare

19:34 – Ursula Von Der Leyen Announces EU Energy Debacle & Effective
Climate Lockdowns

33:46 – California Mirrors EU Energy Debacle & Climate Lockdowns

37:51 – Biden Regime Threatens “Special Relationship”

38:37 – Has The Removal of Rights Bill Been Shelved?

40:45 – UN’s 180 On Uyghur Human Rights

01:04:06 – The US 2022 Midterms

Are we missing sth HUGE? Who launched the Great Reset in 2020? (Daily HOT/YT):

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