Wir Für Euch – Swiss Police for Freedom

Wir für Euch (English: we for you) is a Swiss association consisting of former police officers who lost/left their job beacuse they didn’t want to enforce restrictions that didn’t make sense and violated people’s rights and freedom.

Those who give up their freedom because they are promised security in return lose both. (Benjamin Franklin, 1785-1788)

We are an association of police officers from all cantons of Switzerland. Furthermore, we have committed ourselves to the democratic constitutional state to protect and preserve the fundamental rights of all to the best of our knowledge and belief. However, we are increasingly observing negative developments within society, especially in direct contact with the population. We are also affected as private individuals, as fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters. We see the restrictions on fundamental rights to this extent and over the period to date as contradictory to proportionality and the highest good of a democracy: freedom. More and more, questions arise as to what justifies these restrictions. These questions must be answered.

The need to freely express one’s opinion on this is very great among our professional colleagues. We offer a platform here where you, as a police officer, can speak out without fear of exclusion or consequences.

Read more: https://wirfuereuch.ch/en/