Write to Morrisons

This letter is from a reader who wishes to share it with others to encourage resistance to the increasing tyranny.

Dear Mr P

I have been shopping at Morrisons for a long time, but this is about to permanently stop.
It has come to my notice, that Morrisons intend to break the law by punishing unvaccinated staff.

I do not agree with your new policy to punish unvaccinated staff if they need to take time off due to sickness.
This is at the very least coercion and all for an unlicensed, experimental jab that does not stop people getting or transmitting covid-19.  Furthermore, it is obvious to most people that the dodgy jab is the cause of many deaths and significant side effects, so good luck with that one!

Shame on everyone who has made this decision.  You would be well advised to check out the Nuremburg Code 1947 as Morrisons actions are on the wrong side here.

Yours faithfully