You Can Take On the Big Boys


I have previously posted on White Rose regarding this matter and received advice and feedback from the community for which I’m grateful. I thought I’d provide a further update that may help any others going through a similar scenario with Apple or any other corporate bully.

To keep it brief last year I was refused access to an Apple store because I was wearing a mask. I told them of my exemption status and offered to show proof, but they weren’t interested. I told them that I would take action under Discrimination law and I have. I’ve now got a trial date in a couple of months time. These people can be taken on and held to account.

Obviously knowledge is power and I have been researching Apple and their legal history and cases brought against them Worldwide. I have found out that Apple have been taken to court previously for various matters, there has only been one successful out of court settlement regarding their mask policy but they hushed this up with a non-disclosure order built into the payment. In fact this is what they have done worldwide. People have taken them to Court worldwide and for serious matters including data breaches. All of these matters never make it to trial in the Court.

Are we to assume that Apple win every single case brought against them? That is not credible. They obviously have a highly skilled legal team but it doesn’t change material facts. Various cases in the US against Apple get so far in the legal system and then just disappear. If you have a strong case they buy you off on the proviso you agree to be silenced. This is so as not scare any potential investors off because of pending legal action.

Further research into Apple Stores UK Ltd and their directorship led me to ABOGADO NOMINEES LTD. At Companies House Apple Stores UK Ltd have three directors, two American CEO’s and the shady ABOGADO. They are listed as an active company but a non trading company. They are a smokescreen for a collection of Apple Directors who also happen to be solicitors yet don’t use the Apple name. Further investigation of their trading address shows it as the Office of Apple Europe. Why the smoke and mirrors? Apple Europe is also a separate entity from Apple Stores UK. Where I’m leading with this is Company law and the Companies Act. There is a provision in the Act which leaves company officers personally liable for any wrong doings of the company. I can assure you that they did not like it when I quoted this to their legal people.

The main point of this post is to let people know you can take on the big boys and give them reason to think again. Also, to highlight the policy of buying silence. I presently haven’t succumbed to that, so I thought I’d get it off my chest before any possible gagging order gets thrust upon me. Keep fighting.

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