Your Government Wants to Depopulate YOU

Thanks to the vax…

We have a significant increase in miscarriages and still births, as well as an unprecedented increase in the death rates of the working age group (ages 18-64). Sudden deaths among athletes have soared. Most of them suffer cardiac arrest. Also children are dying from the toxic covid injection.

This was no mistake. This was deliberate. The covid vax is a carefully designed product intended to harm and kill. You can find all the evidence in this book.

How much more will it take for everyone to notice and to bring down the corrupt system?

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“The stillbirth rate is measured in terms of live births per thousand,” explained Dr. Thorp. “And really, it’s come down in my career from about 10 to about almost 5.8 or six… Now let’s go to 2021… This is horrifying. But if you take this death figure, and you look at that rate at 29.3, that sigma that you’re looking at — is 40+ sigma standard deviation. Let that sink in.” (The Vigilant Fox/Rumble)

Tucker Carlson Today Sudden Death Epidemic 2/22/23 FOX BREAKING NEWS February 22, 2023 (FoxmulderNewss/Rumble):

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Former US Swimming Champ Jaime Cail DIES SUDDENLY! CPR performed and FAILED! It happened again! (Black and White Sports/YT):

Stop Depopulation