Please print out these leaflets/books/letters for reading and sharing!

1) Print, read and distribute these flyers:

Download this flyer for wider distribution. There are two of the same text on one sheet which you can cut in half:

This flyer is suitable for handing out on the streets/at protests (divide in four):

White Rose UK Short Flyer

This leaflet is an urgent warning because of the covid jabs:

Warning FlyerWarning DoubleWarning x 4

A leaflet for Church (Catholic):
Church Leaflet (Catholic)

Church Leaflet Double (Catholic)

2) Dr Vernon Coleman offers these leaflets for you to copy, print and distribute:

3) Download, read and share: The Covid-19 Genocide of 2020 – by Claire Edwards

4) Download Dr Vernon Coleman’s books

5) Get template letters for mask, test and vaccine refusal

6) Watch, share and download this video: