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1a) Please Read, print and distribute our latest leaflet:

End the Covid Fraud and Global Genocide
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End the Covid Fraud and Global Genocide x2

End the Covid Fraud and Global Genocide Now! x2

  • Hand out the leaflets to people on the streets during protests, put them through people’s doors or leave in public places (shops, public transport, churches etc.)
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1b) Download these images for sharing online or as a PDF for printing:

Booster Bioweapon

Say NO


    2) Use these template letters for mask, test, vaccine refusal and criminal liability

    School Flyer

    • Vaccine passport refusal (copy and print out):

    I disagree with the use of vaccine passports at your venue. This is discriminatory and goes against freedom and democracy. We live in a free world. This is a very dangerous road to go down and I/we the people will do everything we can to boycott your venue.

    3) This Video Could Save Lives—Please Share:

    4) Safeguarding Children and Young People – download and share:

    Download, read and share: The Covid-19 Genocide of 2020 – by Claire Edwards

    5) Download Dr Vernon Coleman’s books

    6) Download and read Covid-19/SARS-CoV2 – An Exploration:


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