Apologies and Thank You!

We have received quite a lot of responses to the email sent off on Friday. Thank you for your encouragement and useful advice! Apologies to those who have received multiple newsletters today and yesterday while we’re getting things back in order!

Just for clarification: Yes, yesterday’s (Friday) newsletter only contained one post, entitled ‘Please do not mark our newsletter as spam’. The reason for this is that our weekly post notifications only send the latest posts since the last newsletter. And because Thursday’s newsletter already contained all the other new articles, they weren’t sent anymore on Friday. (We only noticed this after the newsletter had already been sent.)

Our usual newsletter leaves Thursday mornings. Unfortunately, most subscribers didn’t receive it this time. However, the one on Friday (which was supposed to make up for the one missing on Thursday) was sent off successfully, albeit, without all the articles from the past week.

Therefore, if you want to catch up on all recent posts, you need to click on the logo above, or on this link which leads you to our the front page of our website. There you will find all new articles – on the first and second pages.

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