Author: The White Rose UK

Medical Freedom Movement Embraces ‘Pure Blood’, Pushes for Patient Rights On Blood Transfusion

A new movement is pushing for the right to choose blood transfusions from non-vaccinated donors. The debate regarding the safety of COVID-19 vaccinations has sparked this trend. The movement calls its followers “purebloods.” While at least 81% of Americans have received at least one COVID vaccine, some people who have refused the vaccine because of

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Last Reminder! Writing Challenge 2023

One week left until the dead-line of our 2023 Writing Challenge! Maybe you’ve already completed a draft or you’re carrying around some ideas about what you want to write. Now is the time to put your ideas on paper, or add the finishing touches to your essay. We have already received numerous essays and are

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Fear Operations

Watch this: Dr Fauci confronted by angry neighborhood resident (Dr. Suneel Dhand/YT): Ultra Fear Operation: Are we really to believe that UFOs are coming to destroy the world, or is it more fearmongering from the deep state? (Richard Vobes/YT) Richard Vobes reads from The War of the Worlds and shows how the government (politician puppets)

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