Current NHS Covid-19 ‘Vaccination’ Offers to End After 30 June 2023

The NHS – renamed the National Harm Service – has been promoting the death jab throughout the pseudo-pandemic. To this day, it still spreads the biggest lies about the jab by calling it ‘safe and effective’.

According to an announcement on the NHS website, the plan is to end covid-19 vaccinations after 30 June. However, the NHS doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to shorten the lifespans of people aged 75 and above as well as people ‘at increased risk from covid-19′. The announcement goes on to say:  ‘People aged 75 and above or with a weakened immune system can book their spring COVID-19 vaccination before 30 June 2023. (…) After 30 June, the offer will be more targeted to people at increased risk from COVID-19 and most will have to wait until a future campaign.

Because of the crimes committed against the British public, which include mass-murder and the promotion of the mass-murdering programme, the NHS should be shut down immediately and replaced by a real Health System that actually cares for people. Everyone at the NHS responsible for distributing the depopulation shots and for killing the elderly and covid patients with Midazolam, Remdesivir and ventilators, and who still promote the covid lie should receive prison sentences.

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