End of Summer: Last T-Shirts!

Summer is over, and we won’t be ordering anymore T-shirt batches at the moment; instead we’ll be offering hoodies/jumpers soon.

However, you can still order T-shirts, as long as available. Please check to see if we still have T-shirts in your size: https://thewhiterose.uk/white-rose-t-shirts/

White Rose UK T-Shirt with White Rose logo White Rose UK T-Shirt Black

We offer two T-shirts, shown above, with the White Rose UK logo Defend Freedom, Defend Humanity for our supporters.

You can order T-shirts by making a donation. Please consider a minimum of £8 for each T-shirt to cover primary costs.

The T-shirts are available in white and black. Made from 100% premium cotton.
Please specify the number of T-shirts, colour and size(s) when placing your order:

Thank you for your support!

Writing Challenge 2023

What is your optimistic vision of the future? Share your ideas on how to resist the Great Reset and the digital trap and to live a life of freedom. Take part in our new writing challenge and get published: Writing Challenge 2023—How to Avoid Digital Slavery