The Public Should Know What Is at Stake

A letter written by a reader pointing out the urgency of examinating the vaccine induced side effects.

Dear (Member of Parliament)

Please watch this video; the accounts of the many Israelis whose lives, livelihoods and prospects have been ruined by adverse vaccine reactions. Some have even died.

Evidence continues to accrue, across the world, yet still the coercion, the propaganda and the manipulation take precedence. Dissent is denounced, objectors are dismissed as deranged irresponsible lunatics and meanwhile the companies producing the various vaccines are benefitting from hastily arranged indemnity agreements.

Please use your medical expertise to raise this matter at Westminster: it is far too important to be constrained by party political point scoring and the cognitive dissonance which now seems to prevail in our increasingly divided and rancorous society.

Behavioural norms are under threat as never before; informed dissent is repudiated, ridiculed and ostracised as we appear to be sleep walking towards a two tier society, complete with facial recognition technology, vaccine passes and inconsistent rules and constraints, which apparently vary by the week.

Hitherto basic freedoms are under threat as never before and the lives of the young, the poor and the self-employed continue to be sacrificed.

You might recall that I did an intensive science based nursing degree at Surrey University, and while I confess to be somewhat rusty in my recall of much of the subject matter, I can still read many of the available reports and studies and recognise signs, symptoms and worrying trends.

The rapidly increasing incidence of adverse side effects induced by the various vaccines should now be openly collated and made available to expert scrutiny, without bias or redaction of relevant evidence.

Correlation is not causation, we are reminded frequently, but this needs to be challenged.

Fully informed consent is absolutely vital ; any procedure should be voluntary with no threats of loss of employment or participation in everyday activities.

Even more crucial is that the examination of vaccine induced side effects is now made available to expert scrutiny, free of bias or vested interests.

The public should know what is at stake, whether this entire mass vaccination strategy now runs the risk of causing viral escape and rapid mutation, as a number of experts are now claiming and whether naturally acquired immunity is the way forward, as has been suggested by many clinicians and researchers.

Yours sincerely,