A White Rose Magazine

Our latest project is a White Rose printed magazine, similar to the weekly online newsletter. The new magazine will appear monthly and will be available by subscription.

The printed magazine will be much like our newsletter of the past four years, but will contain more written contributions and other interesting content. We plan to publish in-depth articles and essays, i.e. substantial content, as well as fun and useful stuff.

There are several advantages of printed text, however we will still keep posting information online.

We are looking forward to publishing the magazine soon and we hope that readers will be able to hold the first issue in their hands by April this year.

Would you like to support this new project? Please donate today – any amount is greatly appreciated. Many thanks!

If you are interested in contributing articles to the magazine or volunteering as a copy-editor/proofreader, please contact us via email (use the same email we use for our weekly newsletter).

See below some of our printed/printable work: