Book: Covid Crisis – 101 Unanswered Questions

Hugh Williams: Covid Crisis, 101 Unanswered QuestionsHugh Williams has written an 82 pages long book containing 101 questions. A lot of these questions many of us have been asking ourselves during covid. At the same time, the book is a reminder of what has been going on since the beginning of the manufactured crisis, in March 2020.

When reading all 101 questions, the reader will often discover the answer. These questions are important because they reveal the whole build-up of this terrible fraud, and they expose all the lies and confusion we have gone through for over a year. We should never stop asking questions, never accept the lies, always seek the truth. And hovering above all these questions is the main question: Why? Why are “they” doing this to “us”?

From reading the questions, you will discover why the PCR tests are useless, why mask wearing is harmful and, why, without denying the existence of the disease, the lockdowns are ruining the economy, and why the “treatment”, the so-called covid vaccine, is far worse than the virus.

To reinforce the critical analysis, in the appendix (which makes up half of the book), the reader will find a list of concerns by a group of Polish doctors, a well arranged list of notes taken from the video “What the Experts Say About covid-19, and Above All, the Vaccine” and the transcript of Dr Reiner Fuellmich’s talk entitled “Crimes Against Humanity”.

An important book which should be on everyone’s bookshelf.

The book is available at St Edward’s Press:

Information sheet: Covid Crisis – 101 Unanswered Questions, Information Sheet

Excerpt chapter: 101st Question on Its Own