Evil Medicine

By Margaret Pearson

Our scientific industry is cannibalizing pre-born children by stealing body parts while still alive, transplanting these parts onto mice and thus creating “Humanized Mice” for drug development. Typically, liver, thymus, lung, kidney, and bone marrow are extracted and transplanted to develop various therapeutic drugs.

This horrific practice of harvesting organs from the live pre-born is no secret. Several articles, podcasts, and interviews have brought this practice to light in the past couple of years.

Today, hundreds of drugs are developed, sold, and consumed at the expense of pre-born innocents who are being cruelly dissected. Many popular “monoclonal antibodies” (MABs) are created using humanized mice. Biolabs are churning out these hybrid mice by the hundreds each week and shipping them all over the world.

Creating humanized mice is a growing and profitable industry that demands a constant flow of live organs. Could it be that the recent sanctioning in law of late-term abortion up to birth is fueled and funded by this demand? Could it be that later-gestation fetal organs are better suited for transplantation?

Scientific literature obscures the truth regarding how humanized mice are created because it has always been universally understood as evil to sell human body parts for research and profit.

Early in the COVID lockdown, a new vaccine was touted as the only solution to end the pandemic. Researcher Pamela Acker, M.S.’s book, published in December 2020 (Vaccination: A Catholic Perspective), details the history and the procedures of vaccine development. It was Acker’s book that first drew my attention to the fact that the babies are still alive when the researchers start extracting the tissue being used. (…)

All Christians should be admonished not to purchase and use any drugs created from humanized mice or other immoral means. Without a willing market, there is no profit. Without profit, this disgusting evil would quickly end.

We are beginning to see the fruits of accepting such evil for the sake of a cure. For example, doctors are surgically cutting off the blood flow to the brain in compromised patients to purposely cause “brain death” and extract organs for transplant. The patient is still breathing, and the heart is still beating, but the blood flow is mechanically restricted to meet the newly established definition of death permitting organ removal. Catholic World Report describes this procedure.

Dreadfully, we can no longer trust the medical community to provide ethically and morally acceptable drugs and medical treatment. Even more grievously, we can no longer trust our moral authorities to guide us, thanks to their diabolic and complicit silence.

(Read the full article here: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2023/03/evil_medicine.html)