Freedom Writing Challenge

Do you find it difficult to talk to friends, relatives or work colleagues because they don’t understand your point of view? Are you feeling powerless and depressed due to the way things are unfolding?

This is where writing steps in! We encourage you to compose a poem or a short story – fiction or real.

Whether you’re a complete beginner, a pro, or anything in between, grab a pen and paper (or keyboard) and write your heart out. Give yourself a few days to edit your work (reading aloud helps a lot!) until you’re pleased, and send it to us. We hope to have a collection of poems and short stories which we will put together into a book.

  • Participants will receive a free copy of the book!

Participation Terms

Subject: Freedom

Entry deadline: 10 March 2021

Length: minimum 65, maximum 1200 words (word counter: for each work.

You can choose to have your real name or a pseudonym printed under your work.

The text has to be written by yourself.

You can enter up to four texts.

Entries that do not match these terms will not be considered for publishing.

Enter your work

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