How to End NHS Harrasment – Suggestions From Our Readers!

This morning we published an enquiry from a reader regarding the steady flow of letters and calls from the NHS urging him to take the Covid ‘vaccine’. Several responses to his enquiry have already reached us, and here they are. Thank you to everyone who responded.

After a period of no contact from the NHS I am now starting to get calls including voicemails. I finally spoke to them yesterday and told them I am not going to discuss private medical information over the phone with anyone who is not my GP; they rapidly ended the call. Do not get drawn into a debate on the jab – you are not obliged to tell them anything. My husband has a different tack he just tells them he is too busy at work atm and will get round to it – he will never go for treatment anyway for anything. (JH)

I have just read the letter about unwanted messages/phone calls etc about getting the “jab”. Can this person or anyone being harassed in this way put in a formal police complaint of harassment just as you would for any other harassment claim?
Just a thought… (JA)

To the reader anxious about the constant harassment from the NHS Jab centre:
Daily Reminders:
Number 1 – Proof
Keep a record of how many times you have been contacted, i.e. two letters, three text messages, etc.  This may then be used as evidence if and when the time arises for a class action lawsuit and proof is required of harassment.  Nuremberg 2. (Reiner Fullmich)
Stand Firm.
Number 2 – Acceptance
I went through the five stages of Grief in my acceptance of what is happening to our country, and to the World as a whole.
I denied it was happening
I was angry
I bargained
I was depressed
I then accepted.
Accept that the end goal is possibly two-fold. The implementation of a Global Biometrical Block Chain I.D system. This will entail, 24/7 surveillance, Social Credit Scores and a cashless society.
The reason the NHS is using harassment is that your non-compliance means that you are impeding the implementation process. The larger the resistance to this control mechanism, the more desperate the architects will become.
The other possible motive could be a genuine depopulation agenda. First the elderly will be culled then the younger population will be sterilized. Once the Global scaffolding is in place that will require a Covid passport, it is possible and most probable that citizens will be forced into vaccination on a schedule to be determined by your ‘useful’ rating assigned to you. (Klaus Schwab, The Great Reset).  
When you have become more of a state burden, either physically or financially, then your mandatory vaccine will become more lethal.  
Stand Firm.
Number 3 – Resistance and Support
Each and every time you manage to ignore the request for the Jab (it is not a vaccination), you are one step closer in helping us all to stop this Technofascism in its tracks.  
State Capture. All Power Structure in the UK is captured, including the NHS and the complaints process, the MHRA, the UK Government etc. Accept this and don’t engage.  This is a Global War and normal processes have been suspended.  Don’t waste emotional energy on fighting shadows.  
Find like-minded people and connect with them. Read ‘A State of Fear’ by Laura Dodsworth as it will explain how psychology has been used to ramp up fear. Know thy enemy.
I went through the five stages of grief for the situation we are currently finding ourselves in:
I denied it was happening
I was angry
I bargained
I was depressed
I then accepted.
This Global event is at least 20 years in the planning. Accept that it is happening. Once you accept what the end goal is, then you can start to plan your part in the resistance. Empower yourself with positive affirmations, this will reduce anxiety.  
Each and every time you say no to the Jab, you are helping millions of other people say no. I DO NOT CONSENT. Positive affirmation each and every day.
Stand Firm. You are not alone.
Best wishes (E)

I with you 100 % and agree the government are harassing, but I don’t see as it’s doing any good provoking or making more out of it. Throw the letter away. Don’t spend 10 minutes on the phone, politely decline to continue after saying no thank you. I, too, have had many, letters calls and texts. It’s no more than that.
To me, this causes us to look like we’re winding up the like-minded  who choose not to have the vaccine.
Mention and let go. They are doing a job. Don’t let it bother you.
It certainly doesn’t bother me, just acknowledge the fact they are over the top with trying to get us all vaccinated. Just Another of the unsettling actions giving us  little confidence in our leaders. End of. (JDS)

Well all l did was change my phone number and sent the letters back. But if someone has a lot of friends, or they’re in business it would be a lot of work. God bless you, White Rose. (G)

I would like to add that when they contact you in any way stress that they are causing you anxiety, and you feel they are bullying you, that you will take it further if they continue to tell them that this is your final warning. Ask for their name, but I doubt they will give it. (CP)

After numerous letters and calls, I just blew my top over the phone, whilst I did not swear, my anger was evident. That was a few months ago, I have, thank goodness, heard nothing since. (RL)

I also received constant text messages, so I wrote to my surgery by text sms and email with the message below; I received a reply from them telling me they acknowledged that I did not require the covid vaccines and that I would not receive any more messages. Since then I have not received any more messages. Here is the message I sent them:
“Good afternoon
I have been receiving frequent invitations to have a covid vaccine.
However, I do not wish to have a covid vaccine, so politely request that I am not sent any more invitations to have one.
My reason is that I am very well acquainted with all the official information and data about the covid vaccines on the UK Government, US FDA and US CDC websites, and have seen that they do not yet have full MHRA Approvals for normal use.
I have seen that they only have authorisation for temporary supply from the MHRA according to Regulation 174 in the UK, which I have read refers to the WHO’s declaration of a pandemic due to covid-19, and an Emergency Use Authorisation from the US FDA, and I have seen that this is because they are in trials still until 2023 with the US CDC, which is because, as I understand from the vaccine documents published on the UK Government websites and the information on the vaccine manufacturer’s websites, that they are of mRNA and adenovirus/vector virus technology, which according to information I have read in UK Government documents has never been granted approval for use on a human population before and that there is no long-term safety data available. I have also been following the Adverse Event data on the MHRA Yellow Card and CDC VAERS systems, and it does not seem that the covid vaccines are very safe, because quite a lot of people seem to have had adverse reactions to them, including death. I have also read the statement on the UK Government website that covid-19 was no longer considered an HCID as of 18th March 2019, and I have followed data on the UK Office for National Statistics showing the mortality rate in 2020 during the pandemic was slightly less than in 2000-2003, significantly less than all previous years and only higher than 2004-2019 due to the April figures, and also data that shows I am more at risk of death from influenza, pneumonia, road accidents and suicide, as well as from the covid vaccines themselves according to MHRA Yellow Card data, so it does not seem to me that I need a covid vaccine. I have also read in the news that influenza is going to be a bigger problem this autumn in the UK than covid, and I have never suffered badly from the flu. I have also read in the news that most people now suffering from covid have actually had the vaccine anyway. Therefore, I do not wish to participate in this experimental vaccine programme.
I also encourage you to include this information (that the vaccines only have authorisation for temporary supply according to Regulation 174 during the pandemic declared by the WHO for a disease not considered a High-Conseqience Infectious Disease by the UK Government, with a link to the MHRA Yellow Card data) in the messages you send to other fellow citizens inviting them to have an experimental covid vaccine, so they can make full informed consent.
Thank you for your time.
Yours Faithfully,

[Name & Address]

I know it’s annoying, but I suggest that the best way to deal with unsolicited communication from the NHS is just to ignore it, as any response seems to keep the conversation going and so it carries on.
Worked for us. (KH)

Return your blue NHS letter with the following notice:

Notice to stop NHS Harrasssment