‘Humility Month’ During June Instead of LGBT ‘Pride’

June is supposed to be a ‘regal, royal month of Our Lord and His social kingship,’ says radio host Mike Church.

Radio host Mike Church is calling on Christians to reclaim June as a reverent month focused on the Sacred Heart of Jesus by celebrating it as “Humility Month.”

Traditionally during June, Catholics have honoured the Sacred Heart of Jesus, whose feast day is during that month. June is also the occasion of the feasts of Corpus Christi, Saints Peter and Paul, and Saint John the Baptist – a martyr for the sanctity of marriage.

June is supposed to be a “joyful, reverent” month full of increased Eucharistic Adoration and processions to honour Our Lord. (…)

The radio host maintains that June was chosen as “pride” month by LGBT activists to “create maximum offence against the Son of God and therefore God himself.”

Church said he had been thinking about launching a “Humility Month” initiative since 2016, when the first “really in-your-face, blasphemous ‘pride month’” occurred, as political fights over transgender bathrooms were beginning. (It was only in 2015 that the U.S. Supreme Court redefined marriage; readers may remember that before then, the LGBT movement and American media were focused on emotional stories about homosexual unions and “marriage equality” as opposed to drag queens and transgenderism.)

“With every passing year, more and more, for-profit America … gets on board, to the point now where in 2023, ‘pride month’ is like Christmas. It’s just a forgone conclusion that it’s going to happen,” he added. (Read the full article on Lifesitenews: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/christians-urged-to-celebrate-humility-month-during-june-instead-of-lgbt-pride/)


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