David Kurten, Heritage Party: I’m standing in the General Election

The Heritage Party was formed in 2020 to defend our heritage and restore our nation and stands for common sense principles and policies: Protect our culture and heritage Traditional family values Protect children from grooming and sexualisation National sovereignty Control our borders Financial responsibility Self-sufficiency in skills Self-sufficiency in energy No more lockdowns David Kurten:

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Truth Is the Only Drug You Need

By Ray Wilson Silly Moo We stepped into a time warp, a vortex of pure energy, and were transported to another place and time on Friday night—a more familiar and happier time and a much more relaxing place—a place of hope. A place where volunteers are helping to build a parallel world—a beautiful green, joyful

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The Road to Geneva Convoy

Join our convoy alongside thousands of freedom lovers from Thursday 30th May to take part in a historic rally outside the WHO headquarters in Geneva on Saturday 1st June! (Dan Astin-Gregory/YT) Road to Geneva to say No to the WHO The WHO Has No Legal Rights Urgent Call to Action: Block the Pandemic Treaty NOW

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