Lawyers Defending Our Children!

For the children

Are you concerned that Covid jabs are happening or could happen in your child’s school? Lawyers for Liberty can send a formal letter via email to the headteacher advising them of the implications of their policy.

This service is: Anonymous – neither your name nor your child/children’s names will be mentioned in the email
Free – Lawyers for Liberty is a voluntary campaign group aiming to restore democracy.

All you need to do is fill in our form with your name and email address, the name of your child’s school, and the name and email address of the school’s headteacher.

We will then send a formal email to the headteacher letting him or her know we’re contacting them on behalf of a concerned parent.

The details you give us will be added to our Whistleblowers’ Register (which is strictly confidential – your details will not be disclosed to any third parties without your consent). The advantage of the Register is that it establishes a record of contact – yours with us, and ours with the headteacher – should you ever need to refer to it. Read further here: