The Grooming in Schools Needs to End!

If you don’t know who you fancy then you’re queer, schools tells children (GBNews/YT): From the comments: Why are parents not kicking back against this absolute sickening rubbish, it’s disgusting. They’re too scared of the backlash unlike our American friends. That school is definitely queer alright. When kids are frightened to go to the toilets

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Why Did So Many Supposedly Intelligent People Fall for the Nonsense?

Former teacher Nigel Watson: “Schools don’t teach intelligence, schools teach children how to be obedient rule followers…” “Intelligent people are capable of independent critical thought.” “A lot of people who have got a good qualification, who self-identify as intelligent, aren’t intelligent because they are unable to think for themselves. All they do is make appeals

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Are We Governed by Madmen?

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Alex Thomson and Debi Evans with today’s UK Column News Topics in this video: 00.29 – Kwasi Kwarteng Talks Sense? 06:03 – Defence, Well, War Really. 18:09 – Are We Governed by Madmen? 25:59 – Iranian Unrest Spills Out Beyond Iranian Borders 37:16 – The Dutch State Opening of Parliament Doesn’t

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