Living Off-Grid – Part One: He Lives In a Train

He Lives In a Train:

Step into the world of Reuben, and see how he lives as somebody who has chosen an off-grid lifestyle and lives in an old train carriage. Join us as we discover how and why he lives this way, and the decisions to choose a simpler, more self-sustaining way of life. Living in a train carriage could be considered as very unique, but to Reuben, it’s normal. He managed to convert what was wasteland into an amazing space he now calls home, and explains the in’s and out’s of the off-grid systems he has in place, enabling him to live mortgage free, bills free, and with minimal outgoings. Join us for a full tour of his old converted train carriage, as well as the impressive Unidome Space that was originally an old sewage treatment facility. We explore how this path in life could be of interest to some, and hope that Reubens story can inspire others! (Liveration/YT)

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