The Road to Geneva Convoy

Join our convoy alongside thousands of freedom lovers from Thursday 30th May to take part in a historic rally outside the WHO headquarters in Geneva on Saturday 1st June! (Dan Astin-Gregory/YT) Road to Geneva to say No to the WHO The WHO Has No Legal Rights Urgent Call to Action: Block the Pandemic Treaty NOW

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Maria Zeee and Andrew Bridgen on Infowars: MP Calls for Crimes Against Humanity Accountability

UK MP Andrew Bridgen has filed evidence pertaining to Crimes Against Humanity to Met Police, and is calling for maximum accountability for Bill Gates and the COVID criminals. He joins Maria Zeee on Infowars to discuss. (Zee Media/The Alex Jones Show/Banned) Controlled or Free? London Event Excess Deaths: ‘End of Life’ Protocols Discussed with Andrew

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Journalist Exposes the Satanic Destruction of the Transgender Agenda

In-Depth Analysis of The ‘De-Transition’ Movement: Get an inside glimpse into the horrific and destructive world of the transgender agenda like never before, which has left an entire generation of young people mutilated, sterilized, and clinically depressed. Now, Christian journalist Brandon Showalter is exposing the transgender movement by documenting a series of men and women

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