More Young People Getting Cancer – What’s Behind It?

Catherine, Princess of Wales, who on March 22 announced she has cancer, “is part of an unfortunate new trend of more and younger cancer cases,” according to Dr. Pierre Kory and journalist Mary Beth Pfeiffer.

Kory and Pfeiffer addressed Princess Catherine’s diagnosis in an op-ed published Tuesday in The Washington Times, in which they said there’s evidence suggesting that the marked increase in cancers among young people may be linked to COVID-19 mRNA vaccines and pandemic policies, such as lockdowns and vaccine mandates.

“We are facing an emerging toll of illness and death in the young,” they wrote. “We cannot shirk from asking what is causing it.”

Kory — president and chief medical officer of the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance — told The Defender that early-onset cancer and excess deaths are “poised to become the next public health crises that our medical system is not equipped to manage.”

This latest op-ed is Kory and Pfeiffer’s fourth. Their three prior op-eds — which appeared in USA Today, Newsweek and The Hill — also called attention to excess mortality and disability rate spikes occurring after the global COVID-19 vaccine campaign.

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