Playing God – An Investigation Into UK Medical Democide

The film will be simultaneously premièred on UK Column and Children’s Health Defense TV (US), 0n April 22nd 2024.

Medical democide – death by government policy – is, shockingly, alive and kicking in the UK. Secret medical trials, deliberate negligence and the use of protocols and medications that are known to cause harm are practices that are all too commonplace. Most aren’t aware of these murderous government policies. Those that are seem to accept them. The government may argue that these policies are in place for “the greater good” but this is highly debatable.

Drugs have be tested, some might say; terminally ill individuals need a helping hand as they pass away, some reckon; withholding food and water from frail or elderly hospital patients is fine in certain circumstances, some state; rolling out life-threatening injections while they’re still in the trial stage is something that just had to be done, some insist. The list goes on. But why is all this happening, what are the reasons behind it and how are they getting away with it?

“The NHS has become a killing machine” -Dr Kevin P. Corbet

“God is the only one who grants and takes away life” -Anna de Buisseret

(Video: Jacqui Deevoy/Vimeo)

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