My Doctor Is Dreadfully Absent and Invisible to Me

By Michael T Arnot

It is as Dr Vernon Coleman says: One cannot get to see one’s own doctor, as all appointments are dealt with over the phone. Now with the proviso one is told that if the doctor feels it’s necessary for you to come in to see him, he will ask you to. Though, such is rare!

But as Dr David E Martin would say, the tiny problem with that is, I doubt that my doctor will ever ask me. So I will unlikely be able to get any physical examination (especially if he, like many other GP doctors, is being bribed by Big Pharma—Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna etc.—not to see their regular patients). And so I’m left with.

There’s no other option. If I ever wish to get a physical examination, then it is a trip to my local hospital’s A&E, even if I don’t have an A&E issue. Or wait until I do and then either hope or wonder if I’m able to get to the hospital, or get an ambulance to take me there.

GP consultations are now not an option for many like myself. Isn’t this a violation of their medical oath? I think that it is, in fact I think refusing to see me is tantamount to medical abuse i.e. medical neglect!

If they don’t have a good reason as to why, then they are purposefully neglecting their patients which is a crime!

Such doctor’s can no longer be trusted as medical GPs, as they are failing patients medical rights to both be seen and receive physical examinations for their medical conditions, for which they make regular payments in the form of national insurance contributions. This is a violation, not just of these doctors’ Hippocratic oath, but also a form of medical abuse and medical negligence.

By refusing to medically diagnose their patients, which they cannot do via a phone conversation alone is to me discriminating and unlawful.

Even as someone who is on a low income, I still make NHS National Insurance contributions, so I’m essentially paying for a service, that I’m not getting. This is illegal, and every patient has the right to contest against being fobbed off with phone consultations, that do less than nothing for them, medically speaking.

I’m thinking about taking my doctor to court and suing him along with the medical practice where he works, for failure to provide me with a requested physical consultation and face to face examination, which is what I feel that I need. The trouble is that most legal practices will only do accident claims on a no win no fee basis or on a consultation basis where an accident has led to malpractice. And not, or rarely, where it concerns the refusal to be seen by one’s doctor.

This is a situation where doctors are hiding in their surgeries and seeing only those who have the potential to make them money for those whose conditions necessitate a physical examination to avoid serious malpractices or lawsuits.

I have osteoarthritis disease and it is progressive. Is this not a serious enough medical condition? Or am I being discriminated against by my doctor because I’m not vaccinated? Isn’t this illegal and even criminal of him?

If there is anyone out there, who has any information on how I can get to actually see my dreadfully absent and (to me) invisible doctor, or knows how I can force him to see me, then I’d like to hear about it…

As I know, there are many medical doctors who are against that horrid and unlawful covid, government and NHS narrative, because short of taking legal action, I don’t know what to do in order to get to see a doctor—either my own, or any other doctor at my local practice.

Yes, Dr Vernon Coleman’s videos and writings say it all about just how crappy and demeaning our GP Service has become. In my opinion, it no longer serves the needs of the patient by those medical practitioners who are supposed to provide care and treatment and instead only provide a service of avoidance and neglect.