Nobel Prize Winner Says Vaccines Are Causing the Variants

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with Friday’s UK Column News.

These are the subjects:

  • The MHRA ignored clinical trials
  • Who cares about vaccine storage?
  • Vaccines destroyed because people don’t want them
  • New vaccine booster trials
  • Indian variant requires fear inducing surges and compulsory testing of BAME communities
  • How come no one in India knows about the deadly Indian variant?
  • Mandatory vaccination to be allowed to work
  • The mainstream media resorts to antisemitic name-calling
  • University of Southampton concerned about UK Column agents
  • G7 Health ministers meeting
  • Where is the pandemic?
  • Nobel Prize winner says vaccines are causing the variants
  • Middle East ceasefire
  • Carrier group sets sail for South China seas
  • Award-winning author doesn’t know that we have a constitution