The White Rose Badge – a Symbol for Freedom, Truth and Peace

Nobody likes war. Nobody wants war. Wars are horrible, bloody, and always come with a lot of suffering. The two wars that are currently in the mainstream media – Ukraine and Gaza Stripe – are just two examples of many wars that have taken place.

Wars are brutal and real. However, governments and MSM use them to navigate peoples’ mind in the direction they want them to go, to think how they want them to think – because all MSM and most governments are under the spell of those who believe they can rule this world and over everyone living on this planet – for example during the pseudo-pandemic, by luring, coercing, demanding us to take a poisonous mRNA vaccine.

This was and still is a great war against the people – nationally and globally.

Are the two current wars (Israel, Ukraine) a distraction from the great war against humanity, which has already costs millions of lives, and no doubt, will cost many more?

This is the war the White Rose is fighting against. However, it’s a spiritual war, and we need to fight back with sharing truthful information, in contrast to the corrupted MSM and deceitful governments. We need to fight back with prayer and humility, recognising that God alone is Creator of Earth and Heaven. We need to find peace in Him.

The White Rose badge is not only a symbol for resistance, truth and freedom – it is also a sign for peace. Where truth and freedom aren’t suppressed, there is peace.

White Rose UK Badge

The White Rose badge:

Description: Enamelled metal badge. Size: 16—20 mm. Colours: white and silver (silver looks like black on photos). With butterfly pin clutch in the back.

Our white rose is a symbol for freedom, peace, and truth!

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