Law Professor Provides Affidavit that Covid Jabs Are Biological Weapons

By Dr Joseph Sansone, USA Dr. Francis Boyle, the Harvard educated law professor that drafted the 1989 Biological Weapons and Antiterrorism Act, which passed both houses of Congress unanimously, provided an affidavit stating that Covid 19 injections and mRNA nanoparticle injections violate the law he wrote. Dr. Boyle asserted that ‘COVID 19 injections’, ‘COVID 19

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War Is a Racket

‘They want to reduce carbon, but WE are the carbon they actually want to reduce’: ‘The warmongers have their tails up, that’s for sure’ – Neil Oliver (GBNews/YT) We Are Approaching a Critical Turning Point in Modern Human History and the Outlook Is Very Unclear Everything They’ve Told You About Ukraine Is a Lie Leak:

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Victoria Police on Trial!

This is the FIRST case of it’s kind. Finally, we are the plaintifs!!! I’m nervous and excited… “I’m going all the way to trial so it’s on the public record forever. It’s not just about me getting justice for myself, it’s for everyone who deserved to be heard but didn’t have the resources or lifestyle

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