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Stop the UN’s desperate pandemic treaty push

Driven by your support, CitizenGO is fighting tooth and nail in trying to halt the proposed World Health Organization (WHO) Pandemic Treaty. Unfortunately, we cannot lower our guard yet…

For two years since nations agreed to develop a Pandemic Treaty that allows the WHO to dictate “potential” emergencies, controlling lockdowns, vaccinations, and mobility restrictions, you and I have fought to keep any new powers away from the WHO.

Thanks to our efforts, the radical globalist leaders and leftist organizations pulling the strings behind the scenes at the UN are panicking!

The fear of not securing a global agreement within their timeline is starting to set in for them. In short, they’re feeling your pressure.

So much so, that the UN has unexpectedly called for an emergency high-level meeting to be included in the agenda of this month’s General Assembly on September 20th, to fabricate a sense of urgency to reignite interest in the proposed Pandemic Treaty.

The WHO is against the clock…  They are moving twice as fast, to get things back on track. There’s no better time than now to step up the pressure and bury this treaty once and for all.

Sign the petition urging delegations to oppose the dangerous centralization of global governance during the upcoming negotiations of the WHO Pandemic Treaty at the UN General Assembly.

Sign this petition here

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