Murdered For Her Bed

The following is the transcript for Dr Vernon Colman’s recent video. (You can view the video here). Hello, it’s January 2023 and this is my 320th video since I started recording them early in 2020, and in this video I’m going to explain how hospitals have become death camps and how many doctors and nurses

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‘Matt Hancock the Murderer’ – Former Health Secretary Confronted on the Underground

Geza Tarjanyi Confronts MP Matt Hancock in London Underground (Citizen Syd/YT): Backup video and longer version (RoseArcana/Bitchute): See also: Matt Hancock Might Want Us to Forget, But I Won’t Matt Hancock Confronted With Nuremberg Code Nursing Home Residents Were Given Deadly Euthanasia Cocktails Did the ‘First Wave’ Mean the Mass Murder of the Elderly With

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Climate Lockdowns in 2024?

More lockdown madness – Climate Lockdown (Mahyar Tousi/YT): Residents will be confined to their local neighbourhood and have to ask permission to leave it all to ‘save the planet’. Oxfordshire County Council approved plans to lock residents into one of six zones to ‘save the planet’ from global warming. The latest stage in the ’15

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