Story of a Vaccine Injured

By Caley Hannen

One year ago today after being out a hill hike with my sister, my life changed drastically, something we joked about at the time (my eye was looking weird and my face lopsided) turned in to something life changing for me.

I experienced joint issues for some time that i continually sought help from my GP about, that was under investigation. But on this day it resulted in quite literally coming down with a bang! I collapsed, was having seizures, paralysis, issue with my motor skills, excruciating pains in my head and all over my body. My speech was laboured, my eyesight effected and most of all I couldn’t walk.

These changes happened relatively quickly, I spent weeks admitted to Neurology undergoing tests, physio and rehabilitation to be told I was suffering with FND, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus and a blood disorder, all things that were extremely new to me and came on suddenly out of the blue.

I was sent home with heaps of medication with no plan of action in place, no rehab or physio set up and I still couldn’t walk. I felt let down. I felt like I was just another number to them.

I was at the peak of my health and fitness journey, and now I was stuck in a wheelchair. But i was determined. I pushed myself so hard to learn to walk again with no healthcare support but the constant continued support of my loving family and friends around me, then I relapsed and spent almost another four4 weeks in hospital trying to recover and get a more concrete care-plan in place for ongoing recovery.

They still weren’t sure on a plan, they still didn’t have the answers. I was in limbo. It was a horrendous time both physically and mentally I was exhausted but not only for me, for my family too.

Along the way I started to speak to other people in this situation and in healthcare about my issues, and we found a lot of [red flags] that seemed to come up with regards to the [vaccine] but everyone seemed to be dodging that with the exception of a few medical professionals. I wasn’t about to sit back and be left to rot, so I did all the research I could and tried to get the help I needed through other doctors and consultants.

It was found by my rheumatoid consultant and GP that I was in fact [vaccine] injured/adversely effected, and this was my body and brains reaction to trying to fight whatever was injected in to my body. It was soul-crushing because every course of treatment we have tried, with the people who are willing to help hasn’t made much of a difference for me.

Mountains of medication 25 tablets a day, changing every six weeks and a year on and I still haven’t fully regained my mobility. I was lucky enough to team up with others like me who are adversely effected and be part of their support network which has helped massively with links for alternative detoxes and treatments along the way which I believe has helped improve a lot of the my symptoms, but again it isn’t a quick fix or resolve.

I am now part of the Scottish National vaccine inquiry which means these people will be held accountable and will have to find us answers and we hope in the future the help we need!

I can’t begin to express how grateful I am to my immediate family and distant family and friends who have given me their constant help, guidance and support through all of this without you all I simply would not have made it to this year! My children have become extremely resilient and adapted to our new life situation and I am in complete awe of the little people they have become which I believe has put them on the road to become incredible adults! I love you all!

Please share this story, far and wide let our voices be heard, let people see the damage it has caused and the lack of help and support we have received they need to be held accountable.

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