New Corona

By Ray Wilson Saturday, May 6, dawns, and the skies are battleship grey. My brother and I are busy learning the art of motorcycle maintenance, and it is beginning to rain. I turned up early to get as much done as possible while my missus was at the farmers’ market. “Let’s have a coffee,” Rich

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Lawful Rebellion

Is anyone bothered? I mean, where is the excitment for this great event in a few days time? (Richard Vobes/YT) Richard talks about the lack of anticipation for the upcoming coronation. Reading from a letter, he also highlights that we can enter into a lawful rebellion if we do not agree with those who govern

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Should Charles Be King?

‘…net zero, CBDC, energy crisis, impending food catastrophe, WHO, WEF…… as the West seems intent on tearing itself apart, in a few weeks time King Charles III of the United Kingdom is to be crowned – will he swear to protect the freedoms and liberties of the people or will he side with the elite?

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