Professor Ian Plimer

The Great ‘Green’ Deception

Ian Plimer addresses CPAC: Climate Fraud (IC3NI RISING/Odysee) GT16 The Great ‘Green’ Deception: Colchester Council meeting 2.0 (Successful Garden Design/YT) Residents vs Colchester City Council 21st March 2023: Our 2nd Environment and Sustainability Panel meeting at Colchester Town Hall-residents tackle the committee about their green falsehoods and endangering the public… (Successful Garden Design/Odysee) See also:

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Green Murder

“We are being told lies from people who want to frighten us.” (Prof Ian Plimer) Professor Ian Plimer is one of Australia’s most strident critics of destructive green activism. His latest book ‘Green Murder: A Life Sentence of Net Zero with No Parole’. A geologist by training, Professor Plimer lays out why climate change science

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