Telegraph Reports About Covid Injured Fearing Censorship

The Telegraph, who censored comments against the jab during the lockdowns, has now reported about people injured or bereaved by covid ‘vaccines’ speaking in code online over censorship fears.

Will the public now take more seriously those who have warned about the jab, long before the mainstream media began to report on vaccine injury, in order to save their reputation?

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From the article:

People left injured or bereaved from vaccines are being forced to speak in code online about their symptoms for fear of censorship, the Covid Inquiry has heard.

Baroness Hallett, the inquiry’s chair, was also told at a hearing on Wednesday that healthcare workers are afraid to speak out about side effects they have had from the jab, over fears they will be punished by their bosses.

It comes as campaign groups representing hundreds of people who suffered illness or lost loved ones after being vaccinated will be allowed to give evidence to the public inquiry.

Anne Morris KC, representing UK CV Family, Vaccine Injured Bereaved UK (VIBUK) and the Scottish Vaccine Injury Group, told the inquiry: “Censorship is a very real issue for the vaccine injured and bereaved.

“Their support groups have been shut down by social media platforms and their experiences censored by the mainstream media.

“They have to speak in code online for fear of having the only source of support taken away from them.”

Read the full article here: People injured or bereaved by Covid vaccines ‘speak in code online over censorship fears’

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