Andrew Bridgen MP In Interview About ULEZ and the Climate Change Scam: ‘London’s Air Is the Best it’s Been for 200 Years’

British MP Andrew Bridgen discusses Greater London’s controversial new Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) and the ongoing climate crisis. (Maryann Gebauer/YT)

From a comment by Glastian:

The subject reminded me of Leon Uris’ novel “Mila 18”, all about the German invasion of Poland in WW2 and the subsequent imposition of the Warsaw ghettos (for modern day ghettos, read 15-minute cities?). A book well worth reading, if we are truly to understand our world today.

The Warsaw ghettos were not managed, but overseen, by the Nazis. Instead, prominent Jewish citizens were put in positions of managers; and they did so under threat of repercussions to their families if they did not carry out their master’s orders. “Kennkarten” (ID Cards) were also issued to those ghetto dwellers—no kennkarten, no job, no buying or selling, no life.

All sounds very familiar in our modern world. Which brings us back to the recent Smart Meter law (more of a directive, and how many more jackboot directives are we in for?), and how only 9 MPs voted against it; the precursor to land/property grabbing. We are being treated with impunity, and most of Joe Public are blind to it. Seems to me that our parliament has been hijacked by the modern day Nazis; some MPs will, of course, be part of the WEF, NWO etc. Some will be blackmailed (cupboards/skeletons)? Some will be threatened (families, as above)? Some will just be bought (selfish)? Perhaps this explains the way our MPs are voting? Regardless, Parliament is not run by our “government”, but by the dictates of unelected organisations. And our MPs are either willing or unwilling puppets, just carrying out orders.

Put simply, the present day political system is not fit for purpose, IMHO. The question is, how do we change it?

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