Question About Vaccine Exemptions

You may remember me as the man who was taking Apple to Court over mask discrimination. Where that is concerned, the N1 from is completed and is being posted to the court. Though I have had another issue arise because of society’s attempts to force us into vaccination.

As you may be aware, the UK government have created an exemption from vaccination process. If you are exempt you are forever classed as fully vaccinated and that is what it shows. Even if they go to ten vaccinations you will just show as fully vaccinated, not as exempt. This is especially useful for international travel.

I applied for the exemption under the allergy condition, that I was allergic to vaccines. My mother told me this as a child, 50 years ago, and also that I was allergic to Penicillin. In the 50 years since, I have never had a vaccine or taken penicillin. I must have told well over a hundred doctors and nurses in clinics and hospitals of my Penicillin allergy, and it has been taken as fact.

Why would any responsible medical professional attempt to administer Penicillin after being alerted to this?

I am not going off-topic as you will see. As a child, I never had any vaccinations not even a BCG. I have been in an environment where Hepatitis C was rampant and still no vaccination. I have been entitled to the flu jab since way before covid emerged. I never had it and was not quizzed why. If so, I would have told them why, but pre covid it wasn’t relevant. My medical records show: no vaccines had.

This is where the Penicillin issue becomes relevant. The Penicillin issue is taken as fact and so would have the vaccine allergy pre covid. It is totally illogical to accept the Penicillin issue and not the vaccine issue. Civil courts work on the balance of probabilities and no doctor in the past 50 years has tried to give me Penicillin due to being told of my allergy. The fact I have never had vaccines in 50+ years also supports my allergy. You can’t accept one without the other.

As well as this, NHS guidelines on issuing vaccine exemptions cite you may be exempt from vaccines if vaccination would cause extreme distress, anguish, anxiety etc. I suffer from depression and anxiety, and I am on the highest possible dose of medication. The doctors supply my medication, so they know my mental health history.

If you have been told that you are allergic to vaccines and are not aware of the implications of having a vaccine, of course it will be bring about extreme distress. The doctors are refusing to even follow official government guidance.

I will be claiming that the doctors’ surgery (the local NHS Trust) has breached the 1966 International Covenant on Political and Social rights, Article 12. Article 12 concerns your rights to freely travel. It does state that these may be curtailed in certain circumstances such as a health situation. The government has provided the exemption route, so it is not the government that is breaching my rights under the Covenant—it is the doctors’ and NHS’.

I would be grateful if you could share this on the website as I would appreciate any advice from the community. Am I following the correct heading of litigation or is there an easier route or another head of charge to be added?


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Readers’ reactions to this post

I have had severe reactions to tetanus inoculations and asked the doctors’ surgery to print out all the references to this from my notes. After several prompts over many weeks they finally produced the information. I duly presented the GP (via receptionist as I was unable to enter the building!) with a form asking him to exempt me, but was refused and directed to the Government website and their exemption guidelines. I am genuinely fearful of having any vaccine as I am likely to have further severe reactions. I sympathise with the writer of the letter and now have to face the reality of living as an unvaccinated persona non grata. Thank you…


I am so grateful to the writer of the article about sharing his/her Penicillin experience and the very valid points they have made about being exempt on the risk/benefit analysis. I have found the article incredibly helpful as my daughter is allergic to Penicillin (and so am I) but I wasn’t aware that it is a reasonable ground for being vaccine exempt. My daughter lives in a supported living accommodation and has special needs. I have prepared a case for her not to have it anyway, if they want a meeting about it, though I feel given the change of tack by the government it is unlikely to happen. But I feel super well-prepared with this new evidence. Heartfelt thank you for your generous sharing. Kind regards (…)


Was interested in your message—also I have managed to get an exemption and am allergic to penicillin—not sure how it works for travel to other countries so keep me posted! Thanks.


Is it possible to get an Exemption form re The Vaccine. I am Immune Compromised and the NHS Doctor wrote to me stating I should take the ‘Vaccine’as I could be a risk to others!! I see this as blackmail and an extreme risk to my health!! Can I get legal advice on my situation? Thank you so much for all you are doing!


Hi , I too have never had vaccinations as a child, I’m also allergic to penicillin. Could you advise me how I can be classed as exempt as I would like the freedoms to live my life? My grandad caught in the 2nd world war for the freedoms I had, to travel, to go where I liked when I liked without having to prove I’ve been vaccinated especially with a vaccine that is still in the trail stages.


How to apply to this precise exemption? Thank you.


Hi, I am allergic to penicillin also. Just like the person in your article, my mother told me I was allergic to it as a child following the second time it was prescribed to me. At that time she told me that I was allergic to it and that my father’s tongue swelled up when he had it, i.e. anaphylaxis. I, too, have always stated that on any forms, registering with dentists etc. I didn’t know what ingredient in penicillin I was allergic to until I did some research. I have been trying to alert others since then. I did know I was allergic to washing powder, as it made me sneeze and gave me hives. When the covid jabs were released and polyethylene glycol was mentioned, I did some research and found that it was in cleaning products, and washing powder. That explained a lot. I also found out if you suffer from hayfever (which I do) and asthma (which I had as a child), you are more likely to have anaphylaxis after taking penicillin, this was on the NHS website. I contacted my GP and asked if I could have a medical exemption regarding covid jab passports, and the practice manager said none of the doctors issue letters regarding allergies. My mother also had vasovagal syncope, which is genetic, and I have had presyncope symptoms in the past. The paramedic, who treated my mother, when she last collapsed and blacked out, said that she was in danger of a heart attack or stroke and that worries me, given how so many young sports people are collapsing from heart related problems, and the many reports of blood clots. Taking the jabs would pose a risk to my life, and I am worried about the consequences, so, therefore, refuse to take them.


I would like to know if there is anyone who can help me to get an exemption for the vax, I’m in desperate need to go to Canada to see my daughter, I’m grateful for any information or guidance.
Thank you for your time.

Please read readers’ responses to questions:

The process for vaccine exemption is:
1. Phone 119. It is an NHS site and they assess you to see if you are even eligible to receive a form. You need to suffer from allergies or extreme distress at having a vaccine to meet the criteria.
2. The form will be posted out and you take it to the doctor. I advise putting a strong covering letter in to your doctor explaining why you meet the criteria.
Be under no illusions they don’t want to give it you. They will attempt to come up with anything to still try to get you to take the jab. They are like 1980s double glazing salesmen.
3. If unsuccessful ask them to review it as there is no right of appeal. If unsuccessful do as I will and take them to court.


WHO several weeks ago declared that jabs, as a requirement to travel/fly internationally, should be dropped.