49% of British Veg Farmers Fear Closure In the Next Year – Supermarkets Are the Leading Cause

Supermarkets act now: Get Fair About Farming:

Almost half (49%) of British fruit and veg farmers fear they’ll go out of business within the next year – and supermarkets are a leading cause. We’re on a mission to tell supermarkets: it’s time to get fair about farming. You can help by watching and sharing Guy’s video and tagging in the supermarkets.
Find out more, and sign our petition via getfairaboutfarming.co.uk (Riverford Organic Farmers/YT)

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60 tonnes of perfect potatoes rejected:

A farmer spoke to us about his experiences growing for supermarkets – but only on the condition that it was anonymous. He grew 60 tonnes of salad potatoes for a large UK supermarket. Upon harvest, the supermarket decided they were no longer interested in that specific variety, and cancelled the order – leaving a huge amount of food with no home, and the farmer financially screwed. . (Riverford Organic Farmers/YT)

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