Back Our Farmers

You’ve seen the farmers out in protest in strength in Germany – it might be about to hit us here in the UK too. (Jeff Taylor/YT) Help us and small farmers by ordering organic food and get £15 off your own order! German Farmers’ Success Against Globalist Government British Beef Farmers Under Attack Riverford’s Christmas

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The Perfect Storm

By Harry Hopkins The last three and a half years have been pretty seismic by anybody’s standards. To those of us who are fully aware of what is afoot, there is no doubt that we are fighting a war against those who would impose their Great Reset upon the world. We are under attack from

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The Government Wants to Control Our Food – Trailer ‘No Farmers No Food – Will You Eat the Bugs?’

“No Farmers No Food: Will You Eat the Bugs?” is an Epoch Original documentary exposing the hidden agenda behind global “Green Policies,” the untold stories of farmers forced out of business, the disruption this will have on our food supply, and why edible bugs are suddenly being pushed to the fore as a “Global Green

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