The Overhyped Threat of a Human Bird Flu Pandemic Is a Hoax to ‘Reset’ Our Food System

By Alexis Baden-Mayer If the bird flu were to suddenly be transmissible from person-to-person, there would be every reason to suspect gain-of-function bioweapons research. But, all the hype about whether the bird flu will become a human pandemic might just be a distraction. There are certainly pharmaceutical companies that would benefit from a human bird

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Too Many People Eat Fake Food

Britain being fed toxic fakery as artificial foods risk public health: “People say ‘You are what you eat’. If that’s true, then a whole lot of people in this country are made of ingredients they couldn’t even name…” Neil Oliver hits out at artificial foods and a societal move away from natural products. (GBNews/YT) Drink

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Back Our Farmers

You’ve seen the farmers out in protest in strength in Germany – it might be about to hit us here in the UK too. (Jeff Taylor/YT) Help us and small farmers by ordering organic food and get £15 off your own order! German Farmers’ Success Against Globalist Government British Beef Farmers Under Attack Riverford’s Christmas

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