Pork Producers Have Been Using mRNA-Based ‘Vaccines’ on Their Herds Since 2018

Thomas Renz : “I don’t know how else to describe these people they’re psychopaths.” (Bannons War Room/Rumble) Pork producers have been using customizable mRNA-based “vaccines” on their herds since 2018, without telling the public.All customized mRNA “vaccines” are untested. Only the mRNA platform itself has been approved.According to the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, “there are

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Fake Meat and other Food Frauds

Ultraprocessed foods typically have five or more ingredients, many of which are not commonly used in home kitchens. This aptly describes the Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger, including fake blood processed from genetically engineered yeast to mimic the taste and texture of real beef. Although the soy-like hemoglobin used in the Impossible Burger is classified

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