98% of Adverse Events Are NOT Being Reported in the UK

At the center of this controversy lies the UK’s Yellow Card System, a mechanism to report adverse reactions. Though originally paper-based (hence the name “yellow card”), this system has since gone digital. Nonetheless, its efficacy is now under scrutiny.

According to Carl Heneghan, Professor of Evidence-Based Medicine at the University of Oxford, as little as only 2% of adverse reactions are being reported through this system, rendering it basically useless.

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2% of vaccine reactions reported:

Therefore up to 98% not reported. A system beset by conflicts of interest

MHRA approach to patient safety requires a radical overhaul encompassing legislative changes on reporting and,

in a system beset by conflicts of interest, changes to how the MHRA is funded.

A failure to act will only lead to more harm. (Dr John Cambbell/YT)

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