Are You a Swiss Citizen? Please Vote ‘No’!

Arguments from the Referendum Committee

We say no to this unnecessary and extreme law revision. To protect us from Covid or other diseases, the existing laws are sufficient. There is no need for further extreme tightening by a new revision of the law, because this will lead to a division of Switzerland and to a massive surveillance of all of us. Why?

Indirect vaccination compulsion for all

The unnecessary revision of the law leads to the fact that the strict quarantine regulations apply exclusively to people who do not want to or cannot be vaccinated.

At the same time, restrictions on those who have been vaccinated are to be lifted – even though they can still be contagious. This is pure discrimination that cannot be justified from a medical point of view. This is un-Swiss. People lose their jobs because they do not want to be vaccinated. This leads to an indirect compulsory vaccination for everyone and sets a dangerous example for the future.

Division of Switzerland

The extreme tightening also includes the introduction of a Covid certificate, without which healthy people can no longer fully participate in social and economic life. No football matches, open airs, etc. for anyone who does not have a useless government health passport. This is unjust, leads to a division of society and endangers social peace.

Electronic surveillance of the masses

The law requires the federal government (Bundesrat) to ensure “comprehensive, effective and digital contact tracing” throughout Switzerland. So, according to the law, the Federal Council must introduce this complete digital monitoring of all citizens. This means that Chinese conditions are entering Switzerland.

Extension of the power of the Bundesrat

The law now states, “The Federal Council shall determine the criteria and benchmarks for restrictions and facilitations of economic and social life.” The Federal Council thus gains control over the entire life of citizens.

Do not be deceived!

The existing laws are sufficient to protect us from pandemics. And: even without the unnecessary and extreme revision, we can travel abroad. So do not be deceived! Make sure that our Switzerland remains a country where everyone has the same rights and no one is under surveillance.

Therefore, say no to the revision of the Covid-19 law!

Covid-Gesetz NEIN: