Bradford Hill Study: Australian Excess Mortality Became Significant Only Since 2021, After Roll-Out of Covid Jabs

Australian COVID-19 pandemic: A Bradford Hill analysis of iatrogenic excess mortality

Australian official mortality data show no clear evidence of significant excess deaths in 2020, implying from an older WHO definition that there was no COVID-19 pandemic.

A seasonality analysis suggests that COVID-19 deaths in 2020 were likely misclassifications of influenza and pneumonia deaths. Australian excess mortality became significant only since 2021 when the level was high enough to justify calling a pandemic.

Significant excess mortality was strongly correlated (+74%) with COVID-19 mass injections five months earlier. Strength of correlation, consistency, specificity, temporality, and dose-response relationship are foremost Bradford Hill criteria which are satisfied by the data to suggest the iatrogenesis of the Australian pandemic, where excess deaths were largely caused by COVID-19 injections.

Therefore, a strong case has been presented for the iatrogenic origins of the Australian COVID-19 pandemic and therefore, the associated mortality risk/benefit ratio for COVID injections is very high.

Read the full article here: Journal of Clinical & Experimental Immunology: Australian COVID-19 pandemic: A Bradford Hill Analysis of Iatrogenic Excess Mortality, by Wilson Sy

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