Pfizer CEO Admits: “We Know Two Doses of the Vaccine Offer Very Limited Protection, If Any”

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla mentions in a video talk with Yahoo Finance News that the two shots only offered ‘very limited protection, if any’. He also mentions that it may help reduce hospitalisation, ignoring the increase in overall deaths since the roll-out of the vaccines in the working-age group. He goes on to say that

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Australia: 12 times more Deaths in 10 Months from Covid Vaccines than from all other Vaccines combined in 51 years

Data published by Australia’s Medicine Regulator confirms that there have been twelve times as many deaths reported as adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccines over a period of just ten months than deaths reported as adverse reactions to every other available vaccine combined over a period of 51 years. (Read the full article: Nothing

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Scottish Newspaper Asks Readers If Covid Internment Camps Should be Introduced

Could you ever have imagined being confronted by questions like this during your lifetime? One of Scotland’s largest newspapers, The Daily Record, has asked its readers if the country should follow Australia’s example by introducing covid internment camps. The question was posted on the Daily Record’s Facebook page. The post is now further down in

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