Correlation Between The Vaccine Rollout And Increased Covid–19 Mortality

“A number of unusual death events have been reported in care homes across the country since the beginning of the vaccine rollout. Officially, any connection to the vaccines has been denied and they have all been taken as evidence of the spread of new variant COVID–19.”

“The statistics prove it. They also show that the sharp increase in mortality which correlates precisely with the COVID–19 vaccine rollout cannot easily be explained by blaming new variants.”

“We know that 2,300,000 people had been vaccinated by 10 January in the UK. We also know that there are approximately 450,000 UK care home residents and that they were the priority for the vaccine. We also have reports of high level of vaccine coverage by the last week of January 2021.
With a vaccine rollout commencing on 8 December and first phase completion by late January, it is reasonable to surmise that the majority of care home residents had been vaccinated by mid-January. The precise extent of the coverage in a region would appear to have been largely dependent upon when the local vaccination programme began. (…)
By 19 January, the Care Quality Commission were reporting a 46% jump in covid–19 care home deaths in England. They said the increase in cases was in line with the community spread of infection. They didn’t mention that it was also inline with the community spread of vaccines.”

“When twelve people died and 51 were infected in a covid–19 outbreak at West Park Care Home in Fife in Scotland, STV news reported that this followed the residents’ inoculation with the covid–19 vaccine. NHS Fife’s director of public health, Dona Milne, spoke about the significant strides they had made in the county to protect the most vulnerable with their completion of the first round of vaccinations in care homes.
Yet other media reports of the same cluster of covid–19 deaths in the same care home made no mention of the vaccinations. They reported full lockdowns, emergency situations and alarming covid–19 death tolls. They spoke to NHS teams and local public health officials — but omitted to report that all of the deceased had almost certainly been vaccinated.”

“It is possible, if unlikely, that the marked and rapid increase in mortality seen in covid–19 affected communities around the world may be explained by new variants. But it appears, wherever you look, that a dramatic mortality increase correlates with covid–19 vaccination programmes.”

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