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The Number of Sudden Deaths Requiring a Post Mortem Has Gone Through the Roof Over the Last Few Years

By Patrick E Walsh Excess Deaths: Coroners at the Coalface Is there a ‘canary in the Covid 19 vax mine’ where sudden and unexpected deaths are the daily business? CORONERS DUTIES: In Ireland, a coroner is an independent public official who is legally responsible for investigating sudden, violent or unexplained deaths to enable a death

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Dr Mike Yeadon: ‘Is This the Future You Want for Your Children and Grandchildren?’

By Dr Mike Yeadon Fauci is a ghastly inhuman person. Watch Cary Mullis’ last interviews. Scientifically, he drew a bead on Saint Fauci over the AIDS scandal. AZT (Wellcome) was a toxic drug from anti-cancer and immunosuppression research, being an analogue of the bases used in genetics. I recall being very surprised that it’s clinical

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