Damage Done

An essay by Roy R M McIntosh

The world is a lovely place and we know of the dangers in the oceans and jungles, but the real danger is the people.

Old Mother Earth has been battling the poisoning and scarring that has been going on since day dot. In the last hundred years that battle between people and Old Mother Earth has intensified, God knows how many times!

I have seen bits of it as I lived not far from a coal mining area with the slag bings reaching down to the sea. Worked in an open cast iron ore mine in Australia where blasting and digging showed no respect for man nor beast and destroyed historical sites, no doubt. I was there mid 70s and I was told they expected mining to last around 25 years. It is still going, and what year is this?

Then I have worked on ships where bilges were pumped into the sea and we dumped all sorts of crap over the side! Also involved in the fishing industry and saw fish being landed but as it was too much, dye was poured over them, and they were taken and dumped!

What damage the military has done by wars and also dumping at sea can be anyone’s guess. The big companies have added a lot to the pollution, and it shall be clear that the oil and pharma companies shall be at top of the list. I did work at a pharma company for a short time and they used to dump all sorts of crap into the sea when the tide was going out.

Only a number of years ago I was leaving Edinburgh airport and somehow looked out of a window to a massive car park and I could not take in the number of cars. I just thought if this is happening world-wide, which it was, unsustainable! G7 countries at top of the pile, no doubt! At the time, I wrote to politicians/media etc, but they must be blind, deaf or just the perfidious scumbags that I thought they all were. This was less than a handful of years ago.

Now onto people doing evil deeds to other people… Wow, where to start? Well since I’m in Scotland, I could start with the Darien Scheme and the Beggars Benison. Both show how deceitful and evil the royals/politicians/establishment are to the people.

Until very recently the evil and torture etc was done by one country onto another or maybe a few countries joining together to inflict evil and even genocide against others. A book by Mark Curtis spells a lot of it out, but now the politicians have Gestapo in councils/media/cops etc aiding them more and more and at the top of that pile could be the media.

One of the countries at the forefront are the Brits and when you look at places like Canada and Australia you can see the evil. In Australia the Brits were famous for burying babies into the ground with heads left out, and then they took joy in kicking the heads off. What else went on boggles the mind. I am sure other countries shall have tales of misery and evil to share! Yes I am sure Indonesia/Kosovo/Rwanda/Malaysia etc had a bit of stirring by the Brit/Yank combination of evil spreading!

Now let us jump forward to the 2020s. Wow, they came in with a covidscam bang and now all the evil dots from nearly every country have all joined up to form one big evil perfidious scumbag imbecile. Aided like never before by Gestapo in media/cops/council/health workers etc, and they are all doing an evil goose-step against the people! It is clear all the ‘dots’ have been bought and have strings attached to them that goes back to where the evil masters can pull them into line etc.

Some countries seem to have advisors linked to Satan Gates’ cult. Is he the evil or is he just one of the messengers for the real evil masters? So, who are the scumbags that are pulling the strings? Bankers? Pharma? Satan Gates’ cult?

One thing that is clear is that the people have a struggle on their hands like they have never seen before! We have never seen such evil scare mongering and physical attacks on the people from within own countries as like we are seeing now. How many families have split up. How many elderly have been murdered? How many people been neglected by so-called health workers? Suicide rates must be through the roof! How may are dying and being aimed by synthetic pathogen injections they call vaccines?

If you take time to read this please take a moment to think, what is all behind it and then look at the damage done!